A. I. Solonchenko

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The flatworm Stylochus tauricus Jacubova has been found associated with the barnacle Balanus improvisus Darwin, on which it feeds. The predation rate (the number of barnacles eaten by one polyclad in a month) ranges between 5–10. Inside the empty shells of B. improvisus some egg-plates of S. tauricus were observed. Pelagic Götte's larvae aged 2–3 days(More)
The influence of the intestine cestode Botriocephalus gregarius on the antioxidant enzyme system in the liver and muscle of its host, the Black Sea flounder Psetta maxima maeotica, was studied. The significant increase of superoxidedismutase activity in examined tissues and changes of catalase and peroxidase activities were detected. High correlation (r >(More)
Data on the distribution of ATP-activity (A) along the longitudinal axis of the body of Bothriocephalus scorpii are given. A has been shown to decrease from the head to the posterior parts of the body. However, A has been noted to increase a little on the part of the body where mature eggs are thrown out.
The intensity of infection of the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck in the Black Sea by the turbellarian Urastoma cyprinae (Graff), which lives on its gills, was found to be higher in larger hosts, reaching a maximum in mussels of 50–70 mm length. Greater numbers occured in mussels inhabiting a silty bottom than in cultivated mussels suspended above(More)
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