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For the period of 1977-1987, operations on the abdominal organs were performed in 13,306 patients. Of them, 115 (0.86%) developed 1 to 21 days after the operation acute ileus requiring the performance of emergency relaparotomy. Lethality in this complication was 33.9%. A retrospective analysis of 103 case records and observations on 12 patients who(More)
In the clinic, a method for prophylaxis of postoperative intestinal paresis with the use of local consecutive electroimpulse influencing upon the zones--pacemakers of the small and large intestine by a current with a frequency corresponding to the physiologic frequency of contractions of a given intestinal segment at the time corresponding to the(More)
Thirty-year experience with 1685 reconstructive operations on the colon is analyzed. Novel surgical policy has increased the rate of primary-reconstructive operations for the last 5 years from 78.8 to 87.9%, decreased the number of postoperative complications from 33 to 21.8%, intestinal anastomosis-dependent complications -- from 22.6 to 8.4%,(More)