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We study numerically the effect of periodicity on the plasmon-assisted scattering and absorption of visible light by infinite and finite gratings of circular silver nanowires. The infinite grating is a convenient object of analysis because of the possibility to reduce the scattering problem to one period. We use the well-established method of partial(More)
Lasing modes in cyclic photonic molecules (CPMs) composed of several identical thin semiconductor microdisks in free space are studied in a linear approximation. Maxwell's equations with exact boundary conditions and the radiation condition at infinity are considered as a specific eigenvalue problem that enables one to find natural frequencies and threshold(More)
We study the lasing eigenvalue problems for a periodic open optical resonator made of an infinite grating of circular dielectric cylinders standing in free space, in the E- and H-polarization modes. If possessing a "negative-absorption" refractive index, such cylinders model a chain of quantum wires made of the gain material under pumping. The initial-guess(More)
Microcavity lasers shaped as thin circular disks are famous for the ultra-low thresholds of their whispering-gallery (WG) modes. We considered a two-dimensional (2-D) model of such a laser in free space with a ring-like active region and compared the characteristics of its modes with the modes of an active microring, i.e. a similar disk with a concentric(More)
A fast and accurate method is developed to compute the natural frequencies and scattering characteristics of arbitrary-shape two-dimensional dielectric resonators. The problem is formulated in terms of a uniquely solvable set of second-kind boundary integral equations and discretized by the Galerkin method with angular exponents as global test and trial(More)
Our objective is the assessment of the accuracy of a conventional finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) code in the computation of the near- and far-field scattering characteristics of a circular dielectric cylinder. We excite the cylinder with an electric or magnetic line current and demonstrate the failure of the two-dimensional FDTD algorithm to(More)
A numerical study is presented of several lowest in frequency modes in a spiral microlaser. The modes in an arbitrarily shaped active cavity are considered as solutions to the two-dimensional eigenproblem for the Muller boundary-integral equations. After discretization using the Nyström-type algorithm, the eigenvalues are found in terms of frequency and(More)
The plane wave scattering and absorption by finite and infinite gratings of free-space standing graphene strips are studied in the THz range. Both finite and infinite gratings are studied. The formulation involves modified boundary conditions imposed on the strips. We build an accurate numerical solution to this problem based on the hyper-singular integral(More)
The lasing spectra and threshold values of material gain for the dipole-type supermodes of an active microdisk concentrically coupled with an external passive microring are investigated. TE polarized modes are treated accurately using the linear electromagnetic formalism of the 2-D lasing eigenvalue problem (LEP) with exact boundary and radiation(More)