A. I. Nosich

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—A full-vectorial contour integral equation analysis of the natural modes of dielectric waveguides (DW) of arbitrary cross section is presented. The Galerkin method, together with the Analytical Regularization procedure, is applied to discretizing and solving the eigenvalue problem. This ensures the fast convergence and superior accuracy of the numerical(More)
Our objective is the assessment of the accuracy of a conventional finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) code in the computation of the near- and far-field scattering characteristics of a circular dielectric cylinder. We excite the cylinder with an electric or magnetic line current and demonstrate the failure of the two-dimensional FDTD algorithm to(More)
—The scattering of an arbitrary electromagnetic wave by a thin disk located in free space is formulated rigorously in terms of coupled dual integral equations (CDIEs) for the unknown images of the jumps and average values of the normal to the disk scattered-field components. Considered are three cases of the disk: (1) Zero-thickness perfectly electrically(More)
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