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Due to the voluntary withdrawals and/or bans on the use of two polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) commercial mixtures, an increasing number of alternate flame retardant chemicals are being introduced in commercial applications. To determine if these alternate BFRs are present in indoor environments, we analyzed dust samples collected from 19 homes in the(More)
The ability of white rot basidiomycetes Trametes hirsuta and Trametes maxima to transform coal humic substances (HS’s) under the conditions of solid phase cultivation in the presence or absence of an easily available source of carbon (glucose) has been studied. It was shown that during the growth of the fungal strains used in media containing HS’s,(More)
Experimental data on the echolocation system parameters of Barbastella barbastella are reported. They include the parameters of orientation pulses, auditory frequency-threshold curves and characteristics of reception directionality of the external ear. It is demonstrated that the hearing system of this bat species has two hypersensitivity regions, which are(More)
During the flight, the greater horse-shoe bat R. ferrumequinum decreases the frequency in the medial part of the emmited signal in proportion to the relative target--bat velocity. The value of the decrease is approximately equal to the Doppler shift; as a result, the animal picks up the echo at its species specific frequency irrespectively of the flight(More)
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