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The influence of the input signal temporal profile on output spectra of running wave amplifying interferometer (RWAI) is studied by mathematical modeling with the aim to make use of RWAI in terahertz spectroscopy. Two ways are considered: two frequency signal obtaining for further difference frequency signal extracting and reception of the required(More)
The coherent light self-modulation process was studied by modeling the simplest interference scheme containing beam splitting, delaying and amplifying. Principal possibilities of cw laser light passive modulation with GHz-THz frequencies and amplified pulses formation are shown. Some scheme parameters and input light features influence the processes are(More)
Operations for compression stenosis of the celiac trunk (CSCT) were made on 97 patients aged 5.5-18 years (56 women and 41 men). Three basic clinical syndromes were observed: pain abdominal, dyspeptic and neurovegetative. The appearance or intensification of abdominal pains observed in 71.3% of the patients were connected with meal, in 59.69% of them it was(More)
In correlation spectroscopy or dynamic (DLS) of polydisperse systems too much depends on a-priori information about the system properties. By changing the probe signal frequency it is possible to control the contribution of different scattering components to measured correlation function. An algorithm of measurements and mathematical data treatment is(More)
On the basis of an analysis of 69 patients including 2 personal observations the authors discuss the questions of pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of aneurysms of the pancreaticoduodenal artery in association with stenosis or occlusion of the celiac trunk (CT). A description of 2 cases with a true not broken aneurysms of the inferior(More)