A I J Brain

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  • Annette Vincent Bsc, Hons, Alan Brain, Bsc Minfotech
  • 2004
A 6-week 2-person project is described that developed a detailed simulation of airborne logistics transport for evacuation and disaster recovery in remote areas. Cargoes to be transported are in general heterogenous, including outsized and oversized loads such as generators, vehicles, and bulk containers of assorted sizes requiring special handling. Each(More)
The effect of electromagnetic stimulation on nerve conduction and on muscle contraction was studied in isolated frog sciatic nerve-gastrocnemius muscle preparation. The nerve trunk was passed through an induction copper coil and current was induced from a d.c. source 1.5-4 V at a frequency of 100 min-1, for 20-120 s duration, via an operating switch. Normal(More)
The effect of electromagnetic induction (EMI) on impulse conduction and muscle contraction was studied in isolated sciatic nerve-gastrocnemius muscle preparation of the frog. Electrical stimulation (ES) of the sciatic nerve, at 0.5 Hz with 0.6 V (supramaximal) and 1-ms pulse duration, produced twitch contractions (3.5 +/- 0.4 g tension, mean +/- S.E., n = 8(More)
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