A. I. Ispas

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OBJECTIVES First, to report the distribution of the fetal fraction of cell-free (cf) DNA and the rate of a failed cfDNA test result in trisomies 21, 18 and 13, by comparison with pregnancies unaffected by these trisomies, second, to examine the possible effects of maternal and fetal characteristics on the fetal fraction, and third, to consider the options(More)
Nearly three-fourths of the world's mobile data traffic will be video in the next 5 years. Video is one of the most demanding services in terms of network efficiency, reliability, and quality. In this work, we present a comparative performance evaluation of three different video streaming protocols, namely MPEG-DASH, RTSP, and RTMP for both on-demand and(More)
This paper is set on the context of tourism marketing and it investigates the concept of segmentation as an important tool in the management of urban tourism destinations. Segmentation presumes the existence of heterogeneity among customers in the market, and has received considerable support within the tourism literature while urban tourism has been the(More)
Ecolabels are key instruments for a sustainable tourism development and implementation of environmental certification of tourist accommodation facilities and services. The present paper aimes to analyze whether eco-certification is considered by tourists in the choice of accommodation in Romanian destinations. We have chosen as a case study the city of(More)
The present paper aims to investigate the factors which influence the adoption of environmentally friendly behaviors by the citizens of Braşov, as well as the means, resources and tools that local authority offers to residents in order to stimulate this behavior. In this sense, a qualitative research was conducted, using semidirective in-depth interviews,(More)
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