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Comment Both these patients were positive for HIV antibody and had a clinical and radiological presentation suggestive of P carinni pneumonia that responded to treatment; thus the criteria fbr a diagnosis of AIDS were satisfied. ' In case 2 the diagnosis was complicated by the previous amiodarone treatment, though pneumonitis induced by amiodarone is(More)
As malnutrition is a common complication among patients with cancer, it seems necessary identifying it with simple tools. Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) is useful to evaluate nutritional status on a basis of clinical parameters and can be used by any clinician with a basic training. Our intention is to determine usefulness of SGA applied by staff not(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the effects of new enteral foods on the adaptation of the gut mucosa after massive intestinal resection in rats. DESIGN Laboratory experiment. SETTING Teaching hospital, Spain. SUBJECTS 91 male Wistar rats, 69 of which were studied (5 were excluded and 17 died). INTERVENTIONS Previously undernourished rats were subjected to(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES malnutrition and surgical stress is a relatively common association. At present, different enteral nutrition formulation are available, which are potentially applicable to different pathological conditions. The use of one diet or another may modify both the nutritional state as the intestinal structure and function. The objective(More)
If we define quality of life as being the social, physiological, mental intellectual, and general well being of people, we realize that there is no known health care system that is able to guarantee that well being in all its possible aspects. When we as clinicians assess the positive effects of a treatment applied to a patient, we are not only assessing(More)
The authors have studied 202 ocular accidents with children, with a special insistence on epidemiology and medico-social implications. The accidents entail three important factors: the person liable to have an ocular accident, the agent provocateur, and a favourable human-social context. These factors were deeply analysed through a lot of parameters in a(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the evolution in the nutritional situation of patients diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in the Clinical Nutrition Service between January 1 1989 and December 31 1991. Twenty-eight admitted patients (4 men and 24 women) and 38 outpatients (3 men and 35 women) were monitored, with an age of 22.4 +/- 6.4 years and average(More)
GOAL The NADYA-SENPE Working Group analyzed the registered data of patients on Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) in our country, during year 2001. MATERIAL AND METHODS The data were collected through a closed questionnaire included on our web site (www.nadya-senpe.com). Apart from epidemiological information, the form includes the indication to prescribe this(More)
The goal of the study was to evaluate the use of parenteral nutrition formulas with standardized g. of nitrogen, carbohydrates and lipids, and to analyze whether the nutritional requirements of the patients treated in our hospital were covered by said formulas or whether it was necessary to change and/or standardize a new formula. To do so, a review was(More)
GOAL To communicate the information available by the NADYA-SENPE Working Group from patients on Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) in our country during the year 2003. MATERIAL AND METHODS The data were collected through a closed questionnaire included in the web site of the Working Group (www.nadya-senpe.com) available only by the authorized users. Variable(More)
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