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The effect of electromagnetic stimulation on nerve conduction and on muscle contraction was studied in isolated frog sciatic nerve-gastrocnemius muscle preparation. The nerve trunk was passed through an induction copper coil and current was induced from a d.c. source 1.5-4 V at a frequency of 100 min-1, for 20-120 s duration, via an operating switch. Normal(More)
The effect of electromagnetic induction (EMI) on impulse conduction and muscle contraction was studied in isolated sciatic nerve-gastrocnemius muscle preparation of the frog. Electrical stimulation (ES) of the sciatic nerve, at 0.5 Hz with 0.6 V (supramaximal) and 1-ms pulse duration, produced twitch contractions (3.5 +/- 0.4 g tension, mean +/- S.E., n = 8(More)
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