A. I. Bogolubsky

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A method for fast and highly accurate evaluation of the generalized hypergeometric function p F p−1(a 1, ..., a p ; b 1, ..., b p−1; 1) = Σ k = 0 ∞ f k by means of the Hurwitz zeta function ζ(α, s) is developed. Based on asymptotic analysis of the coefficients f k , an expansion of p F p−1 is constructed as a combination of the functions ζ(α, s) with(More)
Various quadrature formulas are classified among the classical integration methods. New quadratures designed for a wide spectrum of problems from various fields of natural sciences have been rapidly developing during last decades [1]. For example, in some problems of elementary particle physics and elasticity theory, it is required to evaluate singular and(More)
An efficient analytic–numerical method for finding soliton solutions in the gauge-invariant Heisenberg antiferromagnet model is suggested. The method is based on power and asymptotic series and on the analytic continuation technique: re-expansions and Pade approximants. Symbolic evaluations are used both for constructing the series and for efficient finding(More)
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