A. I. Al-Sharif

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BACKGROUND Low bone mineral density (BMD) is a public health issue in Saudi Arabia. This study measured the prevalence and factors associated with low BMD in Saudi women in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. METHODS A cross sectional study using two stage cluster sampling technique was conducted in Riyadh, 2009. Thirty clusters, each comprising of 300 houses were(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the availability of health materials and means on diabetes and hypertension at PHCCs in Aseer region, Saudi Arabia. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was carried out in PHCCs in Aseer region. A questionnaire was distributed to all PHCCs in the region. The questionnaire elicited information on the total(More)
Use of primary health care (PHC) services and satisfaction among elderly people (60 + years) in Asir was studied in 26 PHC centres. They visited PHC centres significantly less often than younger adults but they were referred significantly more often to secondary and tertiary care and for more laboratory tests. A random sample of 253 elderly people attending(More)
The electronic structure of the zincblende (ZB) phase of AlN, GaN and InN has been investigated by using the exact-exchange (EXX) Kohn–Sham density functional theory, with the Ga 3d and In 4d electrons treated both as valence states and as part of the frozen core. Our EXX bandgaps for AlN and GaN (obtained with the semicore Ga 3d electrons included as core(More)
OBJECTIVES Recognize the patterns and the cost of the drugs dispensed to summer visitors who attended Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) in Aseer region. METHODS This study was conducted in Aseer region during the summer of 1998. The investigators designed and distributed special forms on which were blanks for names, age, sex, diagnosis and drugs that(More)
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