A. Husáková

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Based in part on observations made in blood-mixing experiments with intact and 70 and 90 % hepatectomized rats, a mixture of chemicals has been devised that induces nuclear DNA formation and mitosis in the parenchymal liver cells of the unoperated animal. The mixture (TAGH solution) contains 3,3’,5-triiodo-L-thyronine (triiodothyronine), amino acids,(More)
The action of adrenal glucocorticoids on the level of liver beta-lipoprotein (LP) production was studied. Their effect was verified by studying LP synthesis and release from liver after the administration of various doses of glucocorticoids, after the administration of ACTH and in cases in which the effect of glucocorticoids was precluded by adrenalectomy(More)
Bei Ratten mit dauerndem Zutritt zur Nahrung wurde die Zunahme der Desoxyribonukleinsäure-Synthese in der Leber (60–70% Hepatektomie) durch Applikation von Protamin-Zn-Insulin (3 IE/100 g Körpergewicht) s.c. 1h vor Hepatektomie stimuliert. Im Gegensatz dazu wurde bei Ratten mit einem stimulierten postoperativen Zutritt zur Nahrung die Synthese der(More)
might take place by a reversal of the normal DNA polymerisat ion when the reaction equil ibrium is upset ; e.g. by a decrease in the concentrat ion of any of the necessary nncleoside t r iphosphates or by an increase in the concentrat ion of py rophospha t e (PP) (which normally, at biological conditions, is effectively decomposed by pyrophosphatase) . Male(More)