A Hurlet

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A double-blind randomized controlled study was conducted in 42 hospitalized demented patients to evaluate the therapeutical effect of phosphatidylserine (BS-PS). Half of the patients received 3 X 100 mg of this product, and the other half a placebo of the same appearance. After a wash-out period, prescription lasted for six weeks. To evaluate the patients,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Sickle cell disease is associated with cerebral hyperemia, which is therapeutically reduced by transfusion; however, the process of transfusion-induced cerebral perfusion changes has heretofore not been observed. METHODS We document the acute changes of intracranial arterial velocity in 10 patients (7 with strokes, 3 without)(More)
Eight women with senile dementia and buccolinguofacial dyskinesias (BLFD) were given bromcriptine mesylate )from 2.5 to 20.0 mg daily). The frequency of their abnormal movements was quantiated by a method consisting of repeated counts (220 measurements per patient). In six patients, the mean frequency of BLFD was lower during bromocriptine mesylate therapy(More)
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