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Plants from the genus Desmodium, in particular D. uncinatum, are used on sub-Saharan small-holder farms as intercrops to inhibit parasitism of cereal crops by Striga hermonthica and Striga asiatica via an allelopathic mechanism. The search for Desmodium species which are adapted to more arid conditions, and which show resilience to increased drought stress,(More)
Chinavia and Nezara spp. stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) include over100 species, with highest diversity in Afrotropical and Neotropical regions. Species thus far studied in these genera utilize trans-(Z)-(4 S)-bisabolene epoxide (BE) and cis-(Z)-(4 S)-BE as major sex pheromone components, with species specificity ensured by different ratios of the(More)
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