A. Hillebrand

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Rab GTPases play a key role in the regulation of membrane traffic. Posttranslational geranylgeranylation is critical for their biological activity and is conferred by a Rab geranylgeranyl transferase (RabGGTase). To study the interactions between Rab proteins and RabGGTase, we used in vitro ligation methodology to generate a fluorescent semi-synthetic Rab7(More)
The expression of albumin binding proteins (ABP, 31 and 18 kDa peptides) in various organs as a function of their ontogenic development was investigated in fetuses (20 days old), neonates (1 day old) and adult rabbits. At each of these stages, tissue extracts of brain, lung, thymus, heart, skeletal muscle and liver as well as whole embryos (11 days old)(More)
Primary hepatocyte culture is a valuable tool that has been extensively used in basic research of liver function, disease, pathophysiology, pharmacology and other related subjects. The method based on two-step collagenase perfusion for isolation of intact hepatocytes was first introduced by Berry and Friend in 1969 and, since then, has undergone many(More)
The retrograde degeneration consecutive to accessory nerve transection proved that the real origin of this nerve in the chicken and turkey is represented exclusively by the ipsilateral dorso-central motor column described by BECCARI (1943). This nucleus, with a moniliform aspect, extends into the first two cervical neuromeres and enters the bulb, where it(More)