A Hierro-Rodríguez

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Stripe domains are studied in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy films nanostructured with a periodic thickness modulation that induces the lateral modulation of both stripe periods and in-plane magnetization. The resulting system is the 2D equivalent of a strained superlattice with properties controlled by interfacial misfit strain within the magnetic(More)
Advances in nanoscale magnetism increasingly require characterization tools providing detailed descriptions of magnetic configurations. Magnetic transmission X-ray microscopy produces element specific magnetic domain images with nanometric lateral resolution in films up to ∼100 nm thick. Here we present an imaging method using the angular dependence of(More)
Magnetization reversal processes have been analyzed by Magnetic Force Microscopy in dense arrays of Co bars with well defined shape anisotropy and strong magnetostatic interactions. Two different geometries have been used: rectangular and rhombic so that the sign of dipolar interactions between adjacent chains of bars is changed from antiferromagnetic(More)
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