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The authors present their own experience with the use of the behavioural scale elaborated by Blessed, Tomlinson and Roth usually called Blessed Dementia Scale-BS. They examined 76 patients (59 dementia, 17 with major depression, aged 57 - 87 years (mean age 70.3 +/- 7.2 years). The results obtained by BS were compared with WAIS-R, Wechsler's memory scale(More)
In preliminary research the authors tested the congruent validity of MSE by comparison with results of the MMSE scale which previously proved useful. In 155 probands of senior age they used MSE, WAIS-R. They found a close correlation of the MSE score and the results. of psychomotor examination of the intellect and memory. As regards different factors of the(More)
Process-oriented psychotherapy /POP/ is an eclectic trend. It is based on Jungian psychology but is inspired also by some dynamic schools and oriental philosophy, in particular Taoism. The essence of the psychotherapeutic method is work with signals in the communication channels. By their reinforcement the personality attains contact with the secondary(More)
The authors analyze the results of research focused affective symptomatology in 297 patients with non-specific inflammatory intestinal diseases--ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. The results confirmed that 50% of the patients suffer from intense or very intense neurotic symptoms and 20% from a depressive symptomatology of similar intensity. Item(More)