A. Hashemi

M. Shokrzadeh1
M. Azadbakht1
S. S. Saeedi Saravi1
M. H. Ghahremani1
1M. Shokrzadeh
1M. Azadbakht
1S. S. Saeedi Saravi
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Plants are used worldwide for the treatment of diseases, and novel drugs continue to be developed through research from plants. There are more than 20,000 species of plants used in traditional medicines, and these are all potential reservoirs for new drugs. Cucurbitapepo has been used in traditional folk medicine to treat cold and alleviate ache. Previous(More)
Availability of an efficient transfection protocol is the first determinant in success of gene transferring studies in mammalian cells which is accomplished experimentally for every single cell type. Herein, we provide data of a comparative study on optimization of transfection condition by electroporation and chemical methods for Huh-7 and Vero cells.(More)
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