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Dimethylarsine and trivalent dimethylated arsenic, metabolites of inorganic arsenics, have received considerable attention in current research because of their biological activities. We attempted to determine the appearance of micronucleated reticulocytes (MNRETs) in mouse peripheral blood following intraperitoneal administration of dimethylarsinous iodide(More)
Dimethylarsinic acid (DMA) induces DNA damage in the lung by formation of various peroxyl radical species. The present study was conducted to evaluate whether arsenite or its metabolite, DMA, could initiate carcinogenesis via mutagenic DNA lesions in vivo that can be attributed to oxidative damage. A transgenic mouse model, MutaMouse, was used in this study(More)
Super-Kamiokande is the world's largest water Cherenkov detector, with net mass 50,000 tons. Earth's atmosphere, and the K2K long-baseline neutrino beam with high efficiency. These data provided crucial information for our current understanding of neutrino oscillations, as well as setting stringent limits on nucleon decay. In this paper, we describe the(More)
The patient was an 84-year-old woman who had the onset of truncal ataxia at age 77 and a history of Basedow's disease. Her ataxic gait gradually deteriorated. She could not walk without support at age 81 and she was admitted to our hospital at age 83. Gaze-evoked nystagmus and dysarthria were observed. Mild ataxia was observed in all limbs. Her deep tendon(More)
A long-term goal of cancer diagnosis is to develop tumor-imaging techniques that have sufficient specificity and sensitivity. To achieve this goal, minimizing the background signal originating from nontarget tissues is crucial. Here we achieve highly specific in vivo cancer visualization by using a newly designed targeted 'activatable' fluorescent imaging(More)
Disorders in enteric bacteria recognition by intestinal macrophages (Mphi) are strongly correlated with the pathogenesis of chronic colitis; however the precise mechanisms remain unclear. The aim of the current study was to elucidate the roles of Mphi in intestinal inflammation by using an IL-10-deficient (IL-10-/-) mouse colitis model. GM-CSF-induced bone(More)
Owing to the severe shortage of cadaveric grafts in Japan, we have performed ABO-incompatible living donor kidney transplantation since 1989. This study assessed short- and long-term outcomes in 441 patients who received ABO-incompatible living donor kidney transplants between January 1989 and December 2001. We compared our results with historical data from(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the genetic and clinical factors that cause large interpatient variability and ethnic differences in warfarin efficacy, we investigated variations of the VKORC1, CYP2C9, and CYP2C19 genes in Japanese subjects. Furthermore, we evaluated the genetic variations and clinical data as contributors of variation in warfarin maintenance dose.(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the diagnostic performance of circulating oxidized low density lipoprotein levels as a biochemical risk marker of coronary heart disease. DESIGN AND METHODS 361 patients with coronary artery disease and 710 healthy volunteers as normal controls were examined. Receiver-operating characteristics curve analysis in addition to(More)