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The aim of this paper is to describe the features of a Genetic Algorithm (GA) developed to solve simulation-based optimization problems for the optimal design of building parameters. This GA has been developed using guidelines from top researchs in the field of evolutionary computation. It is mostly based on NSGA-II and Omni-optimizer. It can be used for(More)
This paper introduces a new software developed for building performance optimization. MOBO is a generic freeware able to handle single and multi-objective optimization problems with continuous and discrete variables and constraint functions. It can be coupled to many external (simulation) programs. It has a library of different types of algorithms(More)
Recently, a combination between simulation and optimisation has been important for many of HVAC design problems. Long execution time is usually needed for one simulation run; consequently huge time will be required for the optimisation process. The aim of this study is to evaluate how combinations between optimisation algorithms can achieve faster and/or(More)
The adoption of Grid technology has the potential to greatly aid the BaBar experiment. BdbServer was originally designed to extract copies of data from the Objectivity/DB database at SLAC and IN2P3. With data now stored in multiple locations in a variety of data formats, we are enhancing this tool. This will enable users to extract selected deep copies of(More)
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