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The effect of a phase error on line parameter measurements by using Fourier-transform spectra is studied, showing that, to obtain accurate results without modifying the interferogram, it is necessary to adjust a computed spectrum to an experimental spectrum in which the phase error is taken into account.
Positions and intensities of lines belonging to the 20002 ? 11102 and 12201 ? 03301 bands of (12)C(16)O(2) have been measured from high resolution FTS spectra. The observed line positions confirm the values given in the HITRAN database and, for each band, the squared transition dipole moments have been determined, we believe for the first time.
Intensities and broadening parameters of lines belonging to the 11101 ? 10002 band of (12)C(16)O(2) have been measured using Fourier transform spectroscopy spectra. From the measured line intensities it has been possible to determine the variation with respect to m or J of the squared transition dipole moment |micro|(2) as |micro|(2) = 1.323 x 10(-3) [1 +(More)
In this work we introduce sparse modelling for fractal like processes. We recall the stream which has leaded from fractional Brow-nian motion (fBm) to multifractional Brownian motion (mBm) and propose selecting a sparse-mBm. We based our point of view on statistical experiments and the observation of a numerical artifact : when we estimate the time varying(More)
We present here Fourier transform spectrometer measurements of the intensities of lines of (12)C(16)O(2) for the two bands centered at 720.2800 and 741.7243 cm(-1). In addition, a comparison is made to calculations using the direct numerical diagonalization method for these bands and other bands previously studied in the same spectral region. This(More)
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in ACP if available. Abstract The aim of this paper is to study the impacts of overshooting convection at a local scale on the water distribution in the tropical(More)
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