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Temperature reconstructions from the North Atlantic region indicate frequent abrupt and severe climate fluctuations during the last glacial and Holocene periods. The driving forces for these events are unclear and coupled atmosphere-ocean models of global circulation have only simulated such events by inserting large amounts of fresh water into the northern(More)
An evaluation of the dependence of detective quantum efficiency (DQE) on the incident energy spectrum has been made for mammography. The DQE dependence on the energy spectrum has been evaluated for energy-integrating detectors, photon-counting detectors, and detectors that measure the energy of each photon. To isolate the effect of the x-ray energy spectrum(More)
1. This paper outlines the preliminary results of physico-chemical analyses and the examination of the zooplankton of the Middle and Lower sections of the Zambezi in Mo\ccambique. Comparison is made with the pre-Kariba river in Rhodesia and water from Lake Kariba in 1965, indicating that the Middle Zambezi in Mo\ccambique is now richer in inorganic(More)
  • INFORMMON AGENCY, A. Hall, Paul W. Viceberg
  • 2013
ill Chapter I. INTHODÜCTION 1 II. DEFINITIONS 4 III. TYPES OF RADIATION S Introduction KnRaya Gamma Radiation Beta Radiation Alpha Radiation Neutrons IV. RADIATION DAMAGE 19 General Data Aluminum Copper Iron and Steel Semiconductors Optical Materials Elastomers Plastics Organic Fluids Electrical Insulation Electrical Equipment Electronic Equipment(More)
The production of stable vacancy-related point defects in silicon irradiated with 1.3 MeV protons has been studied as a function of ion flux (protons s ’ cm ‘), while keeping the total fluence constant. Since the total fluence was very low (5 x lo9 protons cm ‘), no interference between neighboring ion tracks was expected. The defect concentrations have(More)
Markarian 501 is only the second extragalactic source to be detected with high statistical certainty at TeV energies; it is similar in many ways to Markarian 421. The Whipple Observatory gamma-ray telescope has been used to observe the AGN Markarian 501 in 1996 and 1997, the years subsequent to its initial detection. The apparent variability on the one-day(More)
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