A. Haffiz Shuaib

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The IEEE 802.15.4 specification has generated a lot of interest in recent times, especially within the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) research community, primarily because energy efficiency is one of the specifications’ design cornerstone. As this specification is relatively new, it is incumbent that its operational mechanisms are well understood, to allow(More)
Signal transduction through the Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) pathways is evolutionarily highly conserved. Many cells use these pathways to interpret changes to their environment and respond accordingly. The pathways are central to triggering diverse cellular responses such as survival, apoptosis, differentiation and proliferation. Though the(More)
Spatio-temporal regulation of intracellular signalling networks is key to normal cellular physiology; dysregulation of which leads to disease. The family of three mammalian tribbles proteins has emerged as an important controller of signalling via regulating the activity of mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPK), the PI3-kinase induced signalling network(More)
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