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A new method and apparatus for non-disruptive blood pressure (BP) recording in the finger based on the vascular unloading technique is introduced. The instrument, in contrast to intermittent set point readjustments of the conventional vascular unloading technique, delivers BP without interruptions, thus refining the Penáz' principle. The method is based on(More)
The report describes a method of impedance cardiography using an improved estimate of thoracic volume. The formulas and their implementation in hardware and software are explained and new shortband electrodes are described which generate a good homogeneous thoracic field. Examples of stroke volume and cardiac output curves underline the capabilities of the(More)
Acute compartment syndrome of the thigh is a rare but potentially devastating condition, in which the pressure within the osseofascial compartment rises above the capillary perfusion gradient, leading to cellular anoxia, muscle ischaemia and death. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential to prevent long term disability. It is most often associated with(More)
This paper describes a non-invasive remote temperature measurement technique integrated with a biomechatronic surgery system devised in our laboratory and named FUSBOT (Focal Ultrasound Surgery RoBOT). FUSBOTs use High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for ablation of cancers/tumors and targets accessible through various soft-tissue acoustic windows in(More)
Twenty-five-year follow-up data of the Canadian National Breast Cancer Screening Study (CNBSS) indicated no mortality reduction. What conclusions should be drawn? After conducting a systematic literature search and narrative analysis, we wish to recapitulate important details of this study, which may have been neglected: Sixty-eight percent of all included(More)
1. What hidden processes were running on the system, and how were they hidden? Computer users and information specialists use a variety of tools to locate resources on Microsoft Windows™ systems, including running processes. These tools have varying levels of sophistication and may have both user and kernel mode components. At the most basic level is user(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS Enforcement of liquor licensing laws is limited by inadequate police information systems. This study aimed to: (i) determine the effectiveness of an intervention in facilitating police recording of the alcohol consumption characteristics of people involved in assaults; and (ii) describe such characteristics by geographic area and(More)
The Australian National Continence Management Strategy commissioned the implementation and evaluation of three community-based projects designed to improve care for people with incontinence by improving the detection and treatment of urinary incontinence. Projects were located in demographically diverse areas, overseen by co-operating professional groups(More)
UK) fixation requires a 2.5mm drilled entry point at the base of the metacarpal. This can damage soft tissues including the extensor tendon and also risks breaching the volar cortex. We recommend opening the dorsal metacarpal cortex with a curved artery clip (Fig 1). Initially, Figure 2 Clip turned 180° to continue along medullary canal Figure 1 Entry point(More)
The performance of broilers reared in floor pens and given monensin in the feed at 121 ppm was compared with that of birds given no drug. Feed intake and BW gain of medicated birds was significantly lower than that of unmedicated birds from 0 to 22 d of age. Feed intake and feed conversion of medicated birds was significantly reduced, compared with(More)