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Crosses were made between four varieties ('Mahsuri', 'Setanjung", 'MR84" and 'MR103") of Oryza sativa L. (2n=24, AA) and one accession of O. minuta (2n= 8, BBCC). The seed set obtained ranged between 9.5% and 25.1% depending on the rice variety used. By rescuing 14-day-old embryos and culturing them on 25%-strength MS medium we obtained a total of 414 F1(More)
SIR — In his Commentary " Selling out on nature " (Nature 443, 27-28; 2006), Douglas J. McCauley dismisses the importance of ecosystem services as a tool in conservation and resource management. The author correctly notes that market-based approaches to conservation are no panacea, as has also been concluded by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment(More)
From a large number of rice varieties tested, no variety was identified as resistant to tungro bacilliform virus (RTBV). Only in Utri Merah was the RTBV multiplication restrictive, whereas other varieties such as Kataribhog and Pankhari 203 were identified as tolerant. These varieties were crossed with a susceptible variety. TN1, to study the inheritance of(More)
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