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BACKGROUND Femoral nerve injury is a rare complication of cardiac catheterization and is usually caused by direct trauma during femoral artery access, compression from a hematoma, or prolonged digital pressure for post-procedural hemostasis. Peripheral nerve stimulation has been used to treat different pain syndromes in the upper and lower extremities with(More)
3670 Background:Neurotoxicity is dose-limiting in high proportion of patients (Pts) with metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC) treated with Ox. Two categories of neuropathy (NP) have been described: 1) acute dysesthesia/paresthesia (85-90%) and 2) cumulative sensory NP increasing in intensity with higher cumulative doses. NP has a significant negative impact(More)
In 1970, Levine 1 introduced the notion of generalized closed sets in topological spaces as a generalization of closed sets. Since then, many concepts related to generalized closed sets were defined and investigated. In 1997, Balasubramanian and Sundaram 2 introduced the concepts of generalized closed sets in fuzzy setting. Also, they studied various(More)
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