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Holland's schema theorem (an inequality) may be viewed as an attempt to understand genetic search in terms of a coarse graining of the state space. Stephens and Waelbroeck developed that perspective, sharpening the schema theorem to an equality. Of particular interest is a "form invariance" of their equations; the form is unchanged by the degree of coarse(More)
According to the Interactive Systems Framework for Dissemination and Implementation, implementation is a major mechanism and concern in bridging research and practice. The growing number of implementation frameworks need to be synthesized and translated so that the science and practice of quality implementation can be furthered. In this article, we: (1) use(More)
A case study of an intrusion into a Linux cluster for parallel computing is presented, along with an approach used by the authors to make the system less vulnerable to future intrusions. Linux clusters have revolutionized computing by providing access to modern software technologies at low-cost. However, such clusters are vulnerable, and often managed by(More)
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