A. H. Shantia

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Fault-tolerance and network routing have been among the most widely studied topics in the research of parallel processing and computer networking. A fault- tolerant routing algorithm should guarantee the delivery of messages in the presence of faulty components. In this paper, we present a comparative performance study of nine prominent fault-tolerant(More)
One of the fundamental problems in parallel computing is how to efficiently perform routing in a faulty network each component of which fails with some probability. This paper presents a comparative performance study of ten prominent adaptive fault-tolerant routing algorithms in wormhole-switched 2D mesh interconnect networks. These networks carry a routing(More)
High performance, reliability, transient and permanentfault-tolerance, and low energy consumption are majorobjectives of Networks-on-Chip (NoCs). Since,different applications impose various communicationrequirements in NoCs, a number of research studieshave revealed that the performance advantages ofrouting schemes are more noticeable on powerconsumption(More)
In this thesis we propose a novel approach for Indoor Navigation Systems that is based on visual information. This new method discards the need for precise Global Localization while adopting a more human-like approach. For this aim, we deeply analyze the current state of the art of computer vision, comparing the classical methods such as Scale Invariant(More)
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