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Ever increasing evidence has been provided on the accumulation of mutations in the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) during the aging process. However, the lack of direct functional consequences of the mutant mtDNA load on the mitochondria-dependent cell metabolism has raised many questions on the physiological importance of the age-related mtDNA variations. In the(More)
We have investigated the temporal pattern of expression of c-fos in cartilage cells in mouse mandibular condyles. During in vitro cultivation, the progenitor cells in this organ differentiate to osteoblasts, and hypertrophic chondrocytes start to show features indicative of osteogenic differentiation. Prior to these processes we observed two distinct(More)
RNase P processes the 5'-end of tRNAs. An essential catalytic RNA has been demonstrated in Bacteria, Archaea and the nuclei of most eukaryotes; an organism-specific number of proteins complement the holoenzyme. Nuclear RNase P from yeast and humans is well understood and contains an RNA, similar to the sister enzyme RNase MRP. In contrast, no protein(More)
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