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Carcinoid tumours of the appendix are rare tumours of the bowel which occasionally are found histologically in resected appendices. There are no publications on the sonographic diagnosis of carcinoid tumours of the appendix in children. We report on the sonographic examination of a carcinoid tumour in a 14-year-old boy. Sonography showed a hypoechoic tumour(More)
A method is described combining percutaneous brachial catheterization techniques with the use of 5-French (F) preformed (Judkins) catheters. This method was used in 50 patients with one unsuccessful attempt to cannulate the brachial artery. There was one lost pulse requiring surgical thrombectomy but no other cardiac, vascular, or neurologic complications.(More)
PURPOSE Position-dependent hypoperfusion of the brain stem may be a risk factor of sudden infant death. MATERIALS AND METHODS From 1998 to 2009 we performed Doppler sonographic flow measurements in the basilar artery of 18 194 newborns, 9322 boys and 8872 girls, in five different positions: the neutral position with the head in the midline and during head(More)
Der plötzliche Säuglingstod („sudden infant death syndrome“, SIDS) ist die häufigste Todesart im 1. Lebensjahr. Obwohl in den letzten Jahrzehnten viele Theorien über die Ursachen von SIDS publiziert wurden, sind diese nach wie vor unklar. Bekannt sind nur einige Risikofaktoren, am wichtigsten das Schlafen in Bauchlage. Über 85 % aller SIDS-Opfer wurden in(More)
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