A.H. Ranjbar

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Reliability plays an important role in power electronic systems by which the number of system failures, repair costs, guarantee and etc are estimated. In this paper first, a boost power factor correction (PFC) converter is simulated in discontinues conduction mode (DCM) and continuous conduction mode (CCM) under different output power ratings. For these(More)
The development in the technology of power semiconductors results in their application in FACTS devices, static switches, hybrid switches, HVDC, and high power converters. Since the nominal current of such devices does not satisfy high power applications, in order to increase the current ratings, switches should be paralleled. In this paper, the behavior of(More)
In this paper, the reliability of a full bridge DC-DC converter of fuel cell application has been determined. In the full bridge topology, MOSFETs should be paralleled in order to increase current rating. In this paper it is shown that this paralleling extremely decreases the reliability. But IPM switch application significantly increases the reliability in(More)
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