A H Luijben

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We explored the relationship between the incidence of hospitalization and disease progression in a group of 140 symptomatic, HIV infected patients by linking hospitalizations to the time of diagnosis, the time of death, or both. The relationship could best be described by positively skewed U-patterns or (weak) J-patterns with a high use of resources(More)
Trends in the utilization of various hospital resources by HIV-infected persons between January 1987 and June 1990 have been studied to support health care planning. Data on 126 asymptomatic and symptomatic HIV-infected persons have been recorded at a patient level and analyzed at half-yearly intervals. At a hospital level, increasing utilization trends(More)
Patterns in the costs of hospital in-patient care and in-patient drug treatment of 121 symptomatic, HIV-infected patients are described for a university hospital between 1987 and 1991. Trend analyses have been performed on quarterly and yearly data using parametric and non-parametric statistical techniques. During the 5-year study period the demand for(More)
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