A. H. Jarosch

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A method is described to estimate the thickness of glacier ice using information derived from the measured ice extent, surface topography, surface mass balance, and rate of thinning or thickening of the ice column. Shear stress beneath an ice column is assumed to be simply related to ice thickness and surface slope, as for an inclined slab, but this(More)
Large volcanic eruptions on Earth commonly occur with a collapse of the roof of a crustal magma reservoir, forming a caldera. Only a few such collapses occur per century, and the lack of detailed observations has obscured insight into the mechanical interplay between collapse and eruption. We use multiparameter geophysical and geochemical data to show that(More)
Detailed studies of glacier flow and deformation of ice require high-resolution numerical modeling. The model presented in this paper, icetools, solves the Stokes equation including all components of the stress tensor, termed full Stokes, with the finite element method to enable such detailed studies. Icetools is capable of running in parallel on(More)
Stem cells have one major advantage over primary cells for regenerative therapies in neurodegenerative diseases. They are able to self-renew making sufficient quantities of cells available for transplantation. Embryonic stem cells and fetal neural progenitor cells (NPCs) have been transplanted into models for PD with functional recovery of motor deficits.(More)
Mycoplasma are a frequent and occult contaminant of cell cultures, whereby these prokaryotic organisms can modify many aspects of cell physiology, rendering experiments that are conducted with such contaminated cells problematic. Chronic Mycoplasma contamination in human monocytic cells lines has been associated with suppressed Toll-like receptor (TLR)(More)
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