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The biometric, optical and physical properties of 19 pairs of isolated human eye-bank lenses ranging in age from 5 to 96 years were compared. Lens focal length and spherical aberration were measured using a scanning laser apparatus, lens thickness and the lens surface curvatures were measured by digitizing the lens profiles and equivalent refractive indices(More)
Dynamics of accommodation (far-to-near focus) and disaccommodation (near-to-far focus) are described as a function of response amplitude. Accommodative responses to step stimuli of various amplitudes presented in real space were measured in eight 20-30 year old subjects. Responses were fitted with exponential functions to determine amplitude, time constant(More)
Lenses from 27 human eyes ranging in age from 10 to 87 years were used to determine how accommodation and age affect the optical properties of the lens. A scanning laser technique was used to measure focal length and spherical aberration of the lenses, while the lenses were subjected to stretching forces applied through the ciliary body/zonular complex. The(More)
In this study we report on the effects of constant light (CL) on the refractive development and ocular morphology of White Leghorn chicks (Cornell K-strain). Refractive state and corneal curvature were measured by IR photoretinoscopy and IR keratometry respectively. The axial lengths of the ocular components were measured by A-scan ultrasonography. We find(More)
AIM To investigate the interrelationships between optical and biometric properties of the porcine crystalline lens, to compare these findings with similar relationships found for the human lens and to attempt to fit this data to a geometric model of the optical and biometric properties of the pig lens. METHODS Weight, focal length, spherical aberration,(More)
A conforming representation composed of two-dimensional finite elements and finite Fourier series is applied to three-dimensional nonlinear non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics using a semi-implicit time-advance. The self-adjoint semi-implicit operator and variational approach to spatial discretization are synergistic and enable simulation in the extremely stiff(More)
Accommodation, the mechanism by which the eye focuses on near objects, is lost with increasing age in humans and monkeys. This pathophysiology, called presbyopia, is poorly understood. We studied aging-related changes in the dynamics of accommodation in rhesus monkeys aged 4-24 yr after total iridectomy and midbrain implantation of an electrode to permit(More)
Several laboratories studying visual deprivation myopia in the domestic chick report varying degrees of axial elongation and myopia induced by similar visual deprivation techniques. In this study we tested the hypothesis that in different strains of chick the eyes respond differently to visual deprivation. We compared under identical conditions two strains(More)
A method to measure wave aberrations in the isolated crystalline lens is demonstrated. The method employs a laser scanning technique in which the trajectories of narrow refracted laser beams are measured for an array of sample positions incident on the lens. The local slope of the emerging wavefront is calculated for each sample position, and a least(More)