A. H. Eliason

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Measures that describe and summarize sediment grain-size distributions are important to geologists because of the large amount of information contained in textural data sets. Statistical methods are usually employed to simplify the necessary comparisons among samples and quantify the observed differences. The two statistical methods most commonly used by(More)
Sedimentologic datasets are typically large and compiled into tables or databases, but pure numerical information can be difficult to understand and interpret. Thus, scientists commonly use graphical representations to reduce complexities, recognize trends and patterns in the data, and develop hypotheses. Of the graphical techniques, one of the most common(More)
In an experimental course in software engineering, students were placed in teams, where the role of the team changed during the term. In this paper we describe the process we followed in this ten-week course, with particular emphasis on the mixed-team, multiple-role structure and consider factors critical to its success when working with senior-level(More)
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