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BACKGROUND WHO and Health Action International (HAI) have developed a standardised method for surveying medicine prices, availability, affordability, and price components in low-income and middle-income countries. Here, we present a secondary analysis of medicine availability in 45 national and subnational surveys done using the WHO/HAI methodology. (More)
Five boys and two girls from a large consanguineous British Muslim family of Pakistani origin are described. All presented from infancy to early childhood with progressive moderate to severe developmental delay, postnatal microcephaly, spastic quadriplegia, refractory seizures, and visual handicap. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pleocytosis was present in three(More)
The West Midlands Regional Children's Tumour Research Group holds high-quality data from 1957 on all childhood cancers in the West Midlands Health Authority region. Since it has been reported that malignant germ cell tumours are increasing in incidence in the north-west of England, we undertook to examine rates in this region and to map the distribution of(More)
A retrospective histopathological review of 2104 cases of solid tumour was carried out to assess the variability in diagnosis of childhood cancer. Cases were subject to three independent, concurrent opinions from a national panel of specialist pathologists. The conformity between them was analysed using the percentage of agreement and the kappa statistic(More)
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a prevalent condition associated with complex psychological and interpersonal issues. The Psychological and Interpersonal Relationship Scales (PAIRS) is a valid and reliable measure of Sexual Self-Confidence, Spontaneity, and Time Concerns associated with ED and its treatment. This paper describes the development and validation(More)
Introduction This document has been prepared to provide guidance on the interaction of health technology assessment agencies with the decision makers whom they inform through their assessments. The perspective taken generally reflects that of the member organizations of INAHTA, which are primarily concerned with informing decision makers in the public(More)
A case of progressive fibrinoid degeneration of astrocytes is described. Symptoms began with convulsions at the age of 6 weeks and cerebral tumour was suspected because of enlargement of the head, increased intracranial tension, and marked proliferation of astrocytes in the brain biopsy which was interpreted as an astrocytoma. Fibres and granules staining(More)
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