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To determine the effect of group composition on backtest (Bt) responses and to determine the predictive value of the Bt for the physiological stress response to weaning and mixing, 814 pigs were backtested at 3, 10 and 17 days of age. Twenty-nine percent of all pigs were cross-fostered at 3 days according to Bt responses and groups were formed of animals(More)
The objective of the present study is to gain a better understanding of the possible importance of skull-brain interface conditions, boundary conditions at the head-neck junction, and brain material properties when modeling the response of the human head to transient loadings. To that end, a two-dimensional plane strain finite element model of a(More)
Two studies were carried out with pigs to determine the relationship between back test results and production parameters and between back test results and other factors. In the first study, 823 piglets were tested with the back test at 10 and 17 days of age. Production parameters such as average daily weight gain and lean meat percentage were determined. In(More)
In a randomized, confirmatory study performed between July and October 2000 the efficacy of two iron products in preventing iron deficiency anaemia was compared. A total of 102 newborn piglets from ten litters were treated intramuscularly with 200 mg iron as iron dextran per ml, or 200 mg iron as gleptoferron per ml. For true comparison, piglets within a(More)
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