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The scalability of a parallel algorithm on a parallel architecture is a measure of its capacity to effectively utilize an increasing number of processors. Scalability analysis may be used to select the best algorithm-architecture combination for a problem under diierent constraints on the growth of the problem size and the number of processors. It may be(More)
Asynchronous methods for solving systems of linear equations have been researched since Chazan and Miranker's [1969] pioneering paper on chaotic relaxation. The underlying idea of asynchronous methods is to avoid processor idle time by allowing the processors to continue to make progress even if not all progress made by other processors has been(More)
This paper presents some results on the structure of autocovariance matrix of discrete-time fractional Brownian motion. Since these processes are nonstationary, the autocovariance matrix is a function of time. The eigenvalues associated with the autocovariance matrix are dependent on Hurst exponent characterizing the discrete-time fractional Brownian(More)
Multihop WiMAX networks show a lot of promise as the last mile in broadband connections for streaming audio and video to users. Such WiMAX networks are based on IEEE 802. 16, which specifies the service classes for Quality of Service (QoS), but leaves the admission and scheduling mechanisms open. This paper presents a flow admission control and scheduling(More)
Early detection of a premalignant or cancerous oral lesion promises to improve the survival and the morbidity of patients suffering from these conditions. Cytological study of oral cells is a non-aggressive technique that is well accepted by the patient, and is therefore an attractive option for the early diagnosis of oral cancer, including epithelial(More)
The dual conservation laws of elasticity are systematically reexamined by using both Noether's variational approach and Coleman–Noll–Gurtin's thermodynamics approach. These dual conservation laws can be interpreted as the dual configurational force, and therefore they provide the dual energy–momentum tensor. Some previously unknown and yet interesting(More)