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BACKGROUND Summer 2003 witnessed an excess in heat-related mortality in the elderly population. The Argento Project was planned to define risk factors for heat-related death in Modena, Italy, during the hottest month of 2003 (August). METHODS We performed a retrospective, case-control study of a cohort of 394 older persons living in Modena, 197 dead(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM General practitioners (GPs) are being increasingly asked to play a key role in the shared care of people with diabetes mellitus, but data concerning the effects of this in Italy are still scarce. We therefore evaluated the 4-year follow-up changes in outcomes and performance indicators in type 2 diabetic patients cared for by GPs in the(More)
In Italy, data on shared-care programs for diabetes are lacking. We described the characteristics of type 2 diabetic population assisted in general practice and evaluated 3 years of follow-up outcomes and performance indicators in a shared-care program in Modena, Italy (1998–2001); only well-controlled diabetic patients were considered. Forty-nine percent(More)
Growth, History, or Institutions? What Explains State Fragility in Sub-Saharan Africa We explore the determinants of state fragility in sub-Saharan Africa. Controlling for a wide range of economic, demographic, geographic and istitutional regressors, we find that institutions, and in particular the civil liberties index and the number of revolutions, are(More)
The results of dermal or autologous full-thickness skin graft implantation in a series of 20 patients are reported. Seventeen patients were affected by incisional hernia, 2 by a large umbilical hernia and 1 by fibromatosis of the abdominal wall. The surgical procedure is described together with the histological findings of the skin grafts, 4 years after(More)
We evaluated the effectiveness of diabetes mellitus disease management, implemented in Modena province since ten years, on the prevention of complications and early diagnoses at a population level. Time trends show that diabetic patients had significantly decreasing values over time of age, diabetes duration, and glycated haemoglobin; and increasing(More)
We implemented simple tools for Clinical Practice in Primary Care, i.e. reports of Diabetes Project's Registry addressed to Primary Care Groups in Modena in order to promote the clinical practice through a detailed peer-review of program indicators. The efforts of health organisations to involve the general practitioners in clinical practice should be(More)
La somministrazione di triptofano per via endoperitoneale nei primi giorni di vita non influenza l'induzione della triptofano pirrolasi nel fegato di ratto ad opera del triptofano o del cortisone somministrato a 20–25 giorni di età. L'induzione dell'enzima é normale in ratti di 30 giorni timectomizzati alla nascita. Questi risultati non confermano(More)