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The World Marrow Donor Association Annual Reports describe the current status of the use of unrelated hematopoietic cell products worldwide. In 2008, almost 1.7 million individuals were recruited into unrelated stem cell donor registries and almost 78 000 cord blood units were added to the inventory increasing the total number of available stem cell donors(More)
Differential sputum cell counting is not widely available despite proven clinical utility in the management of asthma. We compared eosinophil counts obtained using liquid-based cytology (LBC), a routine histopathological processing method, and the current standard method. Eosinophil counts obtained using LBC were a strong predictor of sputum eosinophilia(More)
A single institutional pilot study was conducted in which 12 poor-risk neuroblastoma (NB) patients were uniformly treated with multi-agent induction chemotherapy followed by myeloablative consolidation chemotherapy and unpurged peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) rescue. In addition to using standard criteria for evaluating response to induction chemotherapy,(More)
According to the Danish constitution all Danish male citizens must appear before a Conscript Board for assessment prior to military or civil service. Conscript Board examinations have followed the same standardized procedures over many decades, and the Danish Conscript Registry represents a valuable resource for epidemiological research in Denmark. During(More)
A total of 166 surgical blades consisting of control blades, skin blades, and deep blades were cultured from 50 elective podiatric surgical cases. Five blades from four cases cultured Staphylococcus epidermidis. The practice of changing from skin blade to deep blade to reduce contamination of a clean surgical wound is not supported by the data obtained in(More)
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