A. Grabias

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A two phase microstructure, consisting of nanocrystallites surrounded by an amorphous matrix, was produced by a melt spinning processing route. Alloys of this type have extrinsic properties that are dependent on the relative amounts of the amorphous and nanocrystalline phases. One method for examination of the properties of the nanocrystalline and amorphous(More)
In this paper, seven compositions of the Nd/sub x/Fe/sub 100-x-y/B/sub y/ ribbons were prepared by melt spinning method with Nd and B content increasing from 7.3 and 3.6 to 11 and 6, respectively. The alloys were annealed under optimised conditions to obtain a composite material consisting of the hard magnetic Nd/sub 2/Fe/sub 14/B and soft magnetic /spl(More)
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