A. Goscinski

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The current direction of computer systems is increasingly moving away from centralised system and moving towards distributed sets of workstations and personal computers connected by a network, known as distributed systems. This has led to the development of specialised operating systems to take full advantage of the resource sharing potential that a(More)
RHODOS is a microkernel based distributed operating system that has been designed with message passing as the primary communication mechanism. RHODOS provides efficient interprocess communication system by providing two methods of cross address space communications: internal buffering and virtual memory mapping. Both methods were implemented to reduce(More)
Distributed shared memory (DSM) provides a mechanism to transparently share memory between processes running on different computers in a cluster of workstations (COW). It appears to the user that the computers on the network share a single centralized memory. Although the underlying mechanism for communication is message passing or RPC, the user is unaware(More)
Enhancing the RHODOS microkernel to provide the benefits of multithreading required a number of areas to be redesigned and redeveloped. A major component of the RHODOS system that required careful planning, study and development was the RHODOS unit of memory management termed a 'space'. The concept of a 'space' is used to arbitrarily identify and manage (in(More)
Message passing and remote procedure calls are the most commonly used communication paradigms for interprocess communication in distributed systems. Distributed shared memory is an equally valuable but less often used paradigm. The advantage offered by distributed shared memory is that it abstracts away from the fact that the memory is distributed and(More)
An important factor contributing to an operating systems' performance is the design and efficiency of the kernel code. This is especially true for microkernel based operating systems where the microkernel and kernel provides support for system servers. RHODOS is a microkernel based distributed operating system designed as a testbed for the study of the(More)
As the RHODOS system has come under increasing use, the need to utilise multiple threads of control within the microkernel has become apparent. In this report we present the logical design of a multi-threaded microkernel for the RHODOS distributed operating system. The important components of the RHODOS microkernel (both hardware dependent and independent)(More)
Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) is an abstraction for shared memory on a system where the memory is physically distributed which allows programmers to take advantage of the increased processing power provided by a Clusters of Workstations (COW). We have integrated DSM into the RHODOS operating system rather than to put this paradigm on top of an operating(More)
In the cloud surroundings, resources (computing and data) stored in the datacenter are accessed on-demand by number of customers jointly. So there should be a mechanism that Maximize system performance, consumption of remaining resources (optimization) and minimize the resource leak, energy consumption (Server consolidation), but in these cloud computing(More)