A Gorio

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Previous experiments have shown that the addition of a mixture of gangliosides to the growth medium induced morphological changes in primary neuronal cultures, producing especially a trophic effect and a sprouting of neurites (neuritogenesis). The study reported here examined the changes of some biochemical parameters that paralleled the morphological(More)
Cultures of isolated neurons have been treated with a purified preparation of gangliosides (10(-5)M and 10(-9)M) added to the cell growth medium at the 3rd day in culture and a morphometric analysis of the cells was performed with an image analyzer after 1 and 4 days of treatment. The number of cells and the area of the cell bodies were increased following(More)
We have analyzed the effects induced in different phospholipid planar bilayers by monosialoganglioside micelles containing the ionophore gramicidin D. The membrane conductance increases after the addition of GM1 micelles at various ionophore/ganglioside ratios. We believe this fact may be ascribed to gramicidin molecules that incorporate into the bilayer(More)
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