A. González Tudela

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OBJECTIVE Our objective was to compare the sublingual administration and the vaginal administration of misoprostol for cervical priming before first-trimester surgical abortion. DESIGN We used an open, multicenter, randomized trial. LOCATIONS We conducted the study in four clinics (in Valencia, Castelló, Murcia and Murcia Capital) in Spain. (More)
Controlling the ouput of a light emitter is one of the basic tasks of photonics, with landmarks such as the laser and single-photon sources. The development of quantum applications makes it increasingly important to diversify the available quantum sources. Here, we propose a cavity QED scheme to realize emitters that release their energy in groups, or(More)
This paper presents an Oceanographic Data Acquisition System implemented using Local Area Network (LAN) capabilities for large and middle oceanographic vessels, discussing the technical solutions that have been taken about several topics such as hardware and network topology, data transmission protocols, data formats, real-time data integration, data(More)
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