A. Goldman

T. S. Jokiranta2
J. V. McDowell2
A. Bhattacharjee2
2T. S. Jokiranta
2J. V. McDowell
2A. Bhattacharjee
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Resistance of tumour-bearing mice to a second tumour challenge, that is concomitant resistance, was evaluated in euthymic and nude mice using nine tumours with widely different degrees of immunogenicity. Two temporally separate peaks of concomitant resistance were detected during tumour development. The first one was exhibited only by small immunogenic(More)
GermOnline provides information and microarray expression data for genes involved in mitosis and meiosis, gamete formation and germ line development across species. The database has been developed, and is being curated and updated, by life scientists in cooperation with bioinformaticists. Information is contributed through an online form using free text,(More)
  • T. Meri, H. Amdahl, M. J. Lehtinen, S. Hyvärinen, J. V. McDowell, A. Bhattacharjee +4 others
  • 2013
To cause infections microbes need to evade host defense systems, one of these being the evolutionarily old and important arm of innate immunity, the alternative pathway of complement. It can attack all kinds of targets and is tightly controlled in plasma and on host cells by plasma complement regulator factor H (FH). FH binds simultaneously to host cell(More)
Twentynine children with non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHL) were treated between 1974 and 1977 with a protocol based on those used for childhood ALL. 76% of patients had advanced disease by Ann Arbor criteria. All tumours had Rappaport's diffuse histology. 19 patients (65%) achieved complete remission, 14 (65%) remained alive and disease free beyond 42 months(More)
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