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Timetabling constitutes one of the common issues concerning the field of programming especially that of educational systems. It is categorized as NP-complete matter for which using intelligent algorithms seems inevitable. The present article aims to offer a fuzzy solution based on memetic algorithms to solve timetable problems. As such, such a solution was(More)
New advantages in wireless network technology, satellite, services and cell connection provide permit ion of usage of mobile computing . this mobilization is troublesome for doing mobile computing is related to resaving information from database mobilization the system during transaction causes of disconnection of mobile system with wireless network users(More)
The differential power analysis is one of the side channel attacks which has exceedingly considered in the cryptography literature. In this attack, it is supposed that the consumed power by cryptography device correlates with the system's processed data. Since DES is one of the most famous ciphers and yet it is used in the financial transactions frequently,(More)
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