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This paper proposes a modified hybrid method for WSN localization that combines Received Signal Strength (RSS) and Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation based on MUSIC (Multiple Signal Classification) using circular antenna array with smoothing capability. Simulation results proves the enhanced performance obtained using the proposed hybrid method. This(More)
This paper presents a fast approach for detecting coherent signals encountered in mul-tipath propagation environment. The developed approach utilizes a Toeplitz matrix reconstruction method along with DOA estimation using Root-MUSIC. The proposed approach exhibits several features such as robustness, high accuracy, and computational efficiency.(More)
This paper presents a framework for the undergraduate research experience that Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Senior Undergraduate students at Khalifa University, UAE pursue through a fourth-year technical elective course entitled Independent Study that is one-semester long. This course is an excellent example of self-directed learning as one of(More)
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