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Spores of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi were isolated from two soils of field trials at INRA-Bordeaux (France) polluted by long-term application of a zinc-polluted sewage sludge (S2 soil) or treated with cadmium nitrate (Cd40 soil) and from corresponding unpolluted soils (F and Cd0 soils). These AM fungi were tested for their tolerance to Cd and Zn added as(More)
The relation between cell size, chromosome length and the orientation of chromosomes in dividing root cortex cells J.L. Oud, N. Nanninga Importance of the post-mitotic isodiametric growth (PIG) region for growth and development of roots F. Balu~,ka, P.W. Barlow, S. Kubica The completion of cell proliferation and growth in wheat radicle N.P. Demchenko(More)
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