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Visual acuity along the horizontal meridian in the peripheral field of vision was determined at a photopic level in two normal subjects. Two types of sinusoidally modulated, monochromatic test patterns of high contrast were used. One was produced directly on the retina by an interferometric technique. The other type was imaged on the retina by the dioptric(More)
This study was carried out to determine the level of potentially off-damaging infrared (IR) radiation in the iron and steel industry. Determinations of IR radiation were made in different positions in many types of processes. Forging was found to give the highest radiant exposure to the eyes, while workers in electrosteel mills are considerably less exposed.
In an epidemiologic investigation of the eyes of 209 glass workers with occupational exposure to infrared (IR) radiation and 298 non-IR-exposed controls, the two eyes were compared regarding the degree of lens opacities. The left eye was found to be the most affected in a significantly larger number of persons than the right in IR-exposed workers. The(More)
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