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The aim of this study was to indicate the patients treated with tamoxifen for breast cancer in which hysteroscopy with biopsy should be considered mandatory. 414 breast cancer patients who underwent hysteroscopy with bioptic evaluation were enrolled in the study. 334 subjects were treated with 20 mg of tamoxifen daily as adjuvant therapy for six up to a(More)
Proteolytic enzymes, like urokinase (uPA) and plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 (PAI-1), are involved in remodelling tissues during invasion and metastasis of tumor cells. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the expression and the prognostic significance of these enzymes in endometrial hyperplasia and cancer. We used immunohistochemical staining to(More)
Deep groundwater, even if generally protected, could be contaminated by surface or rain water infiltration through soil fractures, septic tanks, cesspits, land irrigation, disposal of wastewater and disposal of muds from depuration systems. The sanitary importance of such possible contamination is related to the different uses of the water and it is at the(More)
AIMS Faecal material from raw sewage or other sources lacking effective treatment sometimes contaminates water for human consumption. The relevant Italian regulations therefore call for testing drinking and recreational water for the presence of enterovirus. METHODS AND RESULTS Traditional methods of analysis are based on revealing the typical cytopathic(More)
Aerosol from activated mud decontamination plants used for the treatment of urban sewage can represent a vehicle for bacteria, virus and fungi. As a result, they become an infective hazard for plant personnel, the general population residing in the surrounding area and the occasional visitor. The present investigation focuses on the identification of(More)
This work was aimed at studying cytopathogenic agents isolated from the environment by adopting, in parallel, various techniques currently used in clinical virology. The purpose of this research was not only to identify the viral species isolated but also to verify the most reliable protocols for environmental applications.
Healthy and neoplastic colorectal human tissues of as many as 12 patients have been studied, immediately after surgery, by electron spin resonance (ESR) of stable nitroxides at physiological temperature. Cells were maintained in a living state using the McCoy's 5A culture medium. The very low concentration changes of hydrophilic and lipophilic nitroxides(More)
Three immune-enzymatic tests for urinary HIV antibodies were examined in order to assess their sensibility, specificity and δ value. The highest sensibility was noticed for the Seradyn test (98.8%), followed by the Wellcozyme test (98.1%) and finally the SUDS rapid test (56.8%). The resultant specificity was 98.5% for the Seradyn test, 91.3% for the(More)